What We Do


Past meetings have involved reversing custom-built Windows malware, setting up a network intrusion monitor with any Linux machine in less than 5 minutes, and cracking ciphers for security capture-the-flag competitions.

There is no required experience level to join.


Our team competes in the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition each year.

WRCCDC 2017: 5th
WRCCDC 2016: 3rd
WRCCDC, NCCDC 2015: 1st, 2nd
WRCCDC, NCCDC 2014: 1st, 5th
WRCCDC 2013: 2nd

Join a Team

You can get involved right away. You can join the Internal team, which organizes CTFs, socials, and student-run talks. Or you can join the External team, which organizes events with companies, handles recruitment, and engages with CS 161.



To reach all our officers, email berke1337-admin@lists.berkeley.edu

Rahul Gupta


I'm a 3rd year EECS student interested in making systems secure. I was part of a (rather large) group that broke a Guinness World Record in Fall '17.

Revekka Kostoeva

VP Competition

Hello! I am a Computer Science and Applied Math double major. Also a Project Manager and Software Developer at VR@B: Brain Games. Apart from CTFs, I play tennis, CSGO, and love to knit! kostoeva.github.io

Liem Nguyen

VP Resources

I'm a third-year studying computer science. I love soccer, tennis, and dogs. Feel free to send me any music recommendations!

Anoosha Balebail

VP Industrial Relations

Hello! I'm Anoosha, a sophomore and a computer science/data science major. I enjoy all kinds of sports (specifically martial arts!), gaming and Netflix marathons.

Edward Qiu

Education Officer

Hey everyone! I'm 3rd year CS major interested in offensive security. I spend most of my time hunting for bugs on bug bounty programs and playing CTFs or on Hack The Box. Apart from security, I enjoy running and reading philosophy.

Veeral Patel


I am a CS junior. I like watching The Office, playing Coup, and traveling to far off lands. I was Time Magazine's Person of Year in 2006.


Yian Liou

Billy Zhao

Kevin Ma


Interested in sponsoring Berke1337 or hosting a recruiting event? Email us at berke1337-admin@lists.berkeley.edu.

A few companies we've hosted info sessions with:

Contact Us

Any questions at all? Email us at berke1337-admin@lists.berkeley.edu. We usually reply within the day.