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Meet the most powerful people in cybersecurity

SP18: Thu 6:30-8 PM. 1st day of class Thu Feb 1, Venue Kroeber 160.

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In this course, students hear talks from the decision makers in cybersecurity today, including the chief of cybersecurity at Google, the CEO of Stack Overflow, the co-founder of a successful security startup, and a retired Air Force general. You will learn about the different career paths you can take to make it to the top in cybersecurity.

In weeks without speakers, we teach you practical tools and techniques used in industry. For example, we'll teach you OSINT with Maltego, malware analysis with yara, VirusTotal, and sysinternals, and social engineering with setoolkit. In the final project, you'll work in teams and use these tools to solve a CTF.

UPDATE: Class is Thursdays, 6:30-8 PM. First day of class is Thursday, Feb 1 in Kroeber 160

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Class Schedule

Classes will occur once a week from 6:30-8 PM on Thursdays, in Kroeber Hall 160.

This schedule is subject to change and is not in order.

Content Speaker
Introduction + A Few Ways to Steal a File From Your Friend's PC Facilitator Team
We’ll live demo a few ways in which hacker would try to steal a file from your computer: keyloggers, phishing, port scanning, using known exploits, and developing custom exploits.
How I sold 3 companies and IPO'd 2 Philippe Courtot
CEO, Qualys
Rapidly scaling a startup when customers demand security Amos Elliston
CTO, Flexport
Protecting the privacy of 30% of humanity Gerhard Eschelbeck
CISO, Google
Malware Analysis Learn several static and dynamic analysis tools, and use them to analyse a ransomware sample. February 8th, 2018
How I Became The Most Friended Person in the World on MySpace Samy Kamkar
Renowned hacker
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) We'll demonstrate how to use Maltego to investigate an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT).
Social Engineering Use the Social Engineering Toolkit (setoolkit) to phish your friends!
Integrating security into a serious engineering organization Jeff Atwood
CEO, Stack Overflow March 8th, 2018
This talk is classified Harry D. Raduege, Jr.
Former Lt. General, US Air Force
Security at Uber Molly Long
Senior Software Engineer, Uber Security Team April 12th, 2018
Security and Finance Raj Date
Former Consumer Finance Protection Bureau Director Wednesday March 21st, 2018 (VENUE TBD)
Security and Automation Sourabh Satish
CTO of Phantom March 15th, 2018
CTF Students will work in teams to solve CTF challenges applying the tools they've learned in the course. Teams that receive above a certain number of points will receive full points on the final.

Course Policies

Course Structure

The course meets once a week. In each class session, we will either have a speaker or we will demonstrate practical tools and techniques used in the cybersecurity industry.

Weekly Assignments

Assignments will be released every class session and due at the beginning of the following class.

Sample questions include:

  • What's one thing that inspired you from Speaker X's talk?

  • Find a steganography challenge from a past CTF, and solve it. What tools did you use?


Attendance is mandatory and will be taken every class period. However, you can miss up to 2 class sessions without failing.


Grading will be based on attendance (30%), assignments (30%), course evaluation (20%), and CTF/final exam (20%). Students must receive above 70% in the class to pass.


These readings are optional, but recommended, if you want to learn what's taught in class in more depth.

  • Web Application Hacker’s Handbook
  • The Art of Exploitation
  • Practical Malware Analysis
  • Cryptography Engineering

About Berke1337

Berke1337 is UC Berkeley's cybersecurity club. Each year, we compete in WRCCDC, the West Coast collegiate cyber competition. We are consistently a top team. We also host weekly workshops for all students in which we teach practical tools and techniques.

Berke1337 will be accepting applications for Spring 18 for internal and external teams.

Titans of Cybersecurity DeCal

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